Thursday, February 4, 2016

Baby Update...

Thank you all for your prayers that our little guy would turn!  He has stayed breech even after an attempt to manually flip him by our doctor as well as other spinning techniques.  Obviously he is in this position for a reason.  If he doesn't try to make his grand entrance on his own, we are scheduled for a c-section on February 17th at 7:30am.

Thank you again for praying and for all your encouragement!  We are looking forward to introducing him to you soon!

Monday, January 25, 2016

I Just Don't Know

In this season of so many big life changes, I have been challenged by the fact that there are few answers to the plethora of questions, and I find myself often saying "I just don't know."

When do you think your baby is going to arrive?....I just don't know.
     (Due February 17th but has shown signs of coming early)

When do you think you will be moving out of your house in Spokane?....I just don't know.
     (Around the end of February but now that too might be up in the air because of visa issues)

When do you think you will be finally moving to Indonesia?...I just don't know.
     (Depends on our visas.  We turned in the paper work 5 months ago and have heard nothing since.)

What will life look like for you in Indonesia?...I just don't know.
    (Won't know until I get there.)

As I stop and ponder the fact that I truly have no control over some of life's circumstances, it stretches my "planning" personality and reminds me that I need to not be relying on myself but on the Lord. After all, HE is the one who knows and the one who does have perfect control of everything in my life.

Whether life seems stable or like a whirlwind, we can trust the God who holds it in His strong, loving, capable hands.  Oh how I need to be reminded of that often!  I need to surrender my plans to Him daily in order that His perfect plan may be accomplished.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Standardization: Jeremy vs. Jodie and the Boys

Standardization here at MAF looks very different for us.  Jeremy has 8 weeks of standardized maintenance and flight training.  But the boys and I have 8 weeks of a standardized schedule.  This is the first time in about 10 months that the boys and I have had a routine.  It's wonderful!!  Here is a little taste for what a typical day looks like (with spontaneous events thrown in the mix every now and then)...

A slow morning of breakfast, books, Duplos and an occasional Curious George episode.

Connor and Mommy time while Joel takes his morning nap- coloring, reading, playdough, crafts, baking, etc.

A mid-morning airplane and "Flinker Walk" (One of Connor's favorite activities right now is to find all the sprinkler heads around the MAF campus.  I think he has their positions memorized.)

Lunch/ Afternoon naps

Joel and Mommy time since Joel takes shorter naps than Connor- reading, Duplos, snacks, and trying anything that will keep this loud one year old quiet

Playing outside together and with friends until Daddy gets home

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Joel Turned One!

As most of you can tell by the frequency of my posts, blogging is not my forte.  BUT, when I have a cute subject to write about or post pictures of, I get more motivated.  So without too many words...Joel turned one a little over a week ago on Saturday, August 29.  He is such a happy boy who loves eating, following his brother around, playing in dirt/sand, taking baths, and looking through books.  He brings such joy to our family.  He is truly a precious gift!

Happy birthday, Joel!