Friday, September 25, 2015

Standardization: Jeremy vs. Jodie and the Boys

Standardization here at MAF looks very different for us.  Jeremy has 8 weeks of standardized maintenance and flight training.  But the boys and I have 8 weeks of a standardized schedule.  This is the first time in about 10 months that the boys and I have had a routine.  It's wonderful!!  Here is a little taste for what a typical day looks like (with spontaneous events thrown in the mix every now and then)...

A slow morning of breakfast, books, Duplos and an occasional Curious George episode.

Connor and Mommy time while Joel takes his morning nap- coloring, reading, playdough, crafts, baking, etc.

A mid-morning airplane and "Flinker Walk" (One of Connor's favorite activities right now is to find all the sprinkler heads around the MAF campus.  I think he has their positions memorized.)

Lunch/ Afternoon naps

Joel and Mommy time since Joel takes shorter naps than Connor- reading, Duplos, snacks, and trying anything that will keep this loud one year old quiet

Playing outside together and with friends until Daddy gets home

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Joel Turned One!

As most of you can tell by the frequency of my posts, blogging is not my forte.  BUT, when I have a cute subject to write about or post pictures of, I get more motivated.  So without too many words...Joel turned one a little over a week ago on Saturday, August 29.  He is such a happy boy who loves eating, following his brother around, playing in dirt/sand, taking baths, and looking through books.  He brings such joy to our family.  He is truly a precious gift!

Happy birthday, Joel!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Celebrating 29 Years!

On Wednesday, we celebrated Jeremy's 29th birthday!  It was a fun-filled family morning together.

We loaded the boys into the bug to go out for breakfast.

Breakfast of choice: fresh donuts at Krispy Kreme, with sprinkles, of course!

We went home by way of the park.  Trampoline = little boy (and big boy) heaven!

Having fun at the park even though he missed his morning nap.

Home again.

Happy birthday, Jeremy!  You are a wonderful dad and husband.  Connor, Joel and I are very blessed.  We are looking forward to many, many more grand adventures together!  We love you lots!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Two Growing Boys

Over the last 6 months, Connor and Joel have gone through a lot of changes and transitions- traveling for the holidays, four weeks with a babysitter while we were in training at MAF at headquarters, having many people in and out of our home, and late nights/missed naps while we have ministry meetings, but they have handled it all so well which is an answer to prayer!  In fact, most days Connor now asks which friends are coming over.  This is evidence that these boys have been prayed for during this crazy season of our lives. Thank you!

Not only have they experienced change in their environment and routines, but they are changing as well- growing up so fast!

Connor is now in his big-boy bed! When he got to pick out a new blanket for his bed, he chose a "hawk-hawks" (Seahawks) blanket.  This made Grandpa Cherry very proud.

These two are such good buddies!  What a blessing!

Joel has started eating solids, though he still isn't a fan.  He now enjoys oatmeal but nothing else.  It will just take a little more time for him to discover all the yummy foods out there.

We love that spring has arrived!  Connor loves digging in the dirt, coloring with chalk, and collecting rocks.

Joel loves being outside too, enjoying watching whatever Connor is up to.  I'm sure he will be joining him before I know it.

Reading and singing are two of Connor's favorite indoor activities.  He has a children's hymnal, which is his favorite book right now.  He loves to randomly flip through the pages while singing some medley of Jesus Loves the Little Children, ABC's, This Little Light of Mine, Count Your Blessings, Old McDonald and Clean-up Clean-up. (As you can guess, some of those songs aren't actually in his hymnal. Silly boy.)

We love that it is park season!

Do you think he likes swinging? 

If it includes daddy, the boys are there, ready for a good time.  When we got a new printer, Jeremy was setting it up in the living room, and this was what I saw.  A morning can't get any more exciting than watching paper come out of the printer.  I love that the boys enjoy the simple things in life!

Morning quiet time- since we have early risers, we started training the boys to do quiet activities on their blankets while Jeremy and I do our devotions.  It is still a work in progress, but it is quickly turning into one of my favorite times of the day.

Overall, our boys really just love life, and we are thankful that they really are thriving amidst the very chaotic and inconsistent schedule that has defined our lives lately.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Serving Communities, Supporting the Church, Showing Compassion

We are thanking God and excited to report that we're currently on track to move to Indonesia in January, 2016!  In a few months, we'll need to begin the visa application process.  As details begin to come together, we're getting more excited about joining the Mission Aviation Fellowship team in Kalimantan, Indonesia as a pilot/mechanic family.

Mission Aviation Fellowship serves the isolated people of Kalimantan, Indonesia in three, specific ways:

1. Serving Communities:  Many communities in Kalimantan are basically cut off from the rest of the world due to a lack of basic transportation infrastructure.  Without aviation, these people would be left with a 1-2 month hike through the jungle or canoe trip through treacherous rivers to get to the nearest city.  MAF airplanes can cover that same distance in a one hour flight while carrying building supplies, generators, food, or anything else a community might need.

2. Supporting the Church:  The pastors, church planters and Bible translators serving in these same communities rely heavily on MAF support to accomplish their work.  MAF pilots not only provide transportation to meet basic needs for these workers, they can also be a great source of encouragement as co-laborers in Christ.

3. Showing Compassion:  MAF airplanes are the only ambulances available to many of these communities.  When people are in need of immediate medical attention for any reason, an MAF medevac flight is likely their only hope.  This allows MAF to demonstrate Christ's love in a very tangible way, meeting physical needs which can open doors to meet even deeper, spiritual needs.

Click below for a short video clip illustrating this three-fold ministry of Mission Aviation Fellowship in Indonesia.  To find out more about how you can be part of this ministry by supporting our work with MAF as a pilot/mechanic family in Indonesia, contact us or click here.